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With The Beatles
  • It won't be long
  • All I've got to do
  • All my loving
  • Don't bother me
  • Little Child
  • Till there was you
  • Please Mr Postman
  • Roll over Beethoven
  • Hold me tight
  • You really gotta hold of me
  • I wanna be your man
  • Devil in her heart
  • Not a second time
  • Money

  • Beatles

    Find out how the lyrics to the It wont be long song by the beatlescame to be written.


    Beatles Album: With the beatles: Track 1

    Year: 1963

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 2.11

    The lyrics of the Beatles song it won’t be long were written by John Lennon. The song itself is the opener for the Beatles second album With the Beatles and it was originally written with the aim of being the follow up single to she loves you, but John discarded it because it never made the grade.

    The song is related to John Lennon’s early life where he often felt lonely and rejected, the lyrics of the song basically describe a boy sitting at home waiting for a girl who has rejected him to come back into his life. This is a theme often seen in Lennon’s writing where he likes to compare the misery of the life that he is living with the happy go lucky lifestyle that he imagines everyone else in the world to be having; and believing that if the girl could come back and give him the love he desires that all his problems will be over. It is thought by many that John’s feeling of rejection did not stem from bad relationships with girls, but were in fact related to emotional problems caused by his father and mother being absent from his life during child hood.

    On the recording of the It won’t be long Beatles song John sings lead, having double tracked himself and he has harmony backing from George and Paul. The lyrics of the song are written in a statement like way, i.e. John will say something and Paul and George will reply with yeah yeah.

    Beatles role in the making of It won't be long

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar.

    Paul McCartney: Backing vocals, Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Backing Guitar

    Ringo Starr: Drums

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