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With The Beatles
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    Find out how the lyrics to the All I've gotta do song by the Beatles came to be written.


    Beatles Album: With the beatles: Track 2

    Year: 1963

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 2.05

    The lyrics to All I’ve gotta do were written entirely by John Lennon in 1961. It was an attempt by the Beatles to have a motown style song and is strongly influenced by the style of Smokey Robinson. The Beatles also performed a cover of ‘you really got a hold on me’ on this album. Robinson was immensely proud that his song had been covered by the Beatles and is quoted as saying “I listened to it over and over again, not to criticise it but to enjoy it”.

    The song itself starts with a blues country beat before quickening up. It reverts between the styles throughout, the track has John on vocals and Paul on Harmony.

    Beatles role in the making of All I've got to do

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar.

    Paul McCartney: harmony vocals, Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Lead Guitar

    Ringo Starr: Drums

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