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With The Beatles
  • It won't be long
  • All I've got to do
  • All my loving
  • Don't bother me
  • Little Child
  • Till there was you
  • Please Mr Postman
  • Roll over Beethoven
  • Hold me tight
  • You really gotta hold of me
  • I wanna be your man
  • Devil in her heart
  • Not a second time
  • Money

  • Beatles

    Find out how the lyrics to the Little child song by the Beatles came to be written.


    Beatles Album: With the beatles: Track 5

    Year: 1963

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 1.46

    The idea for the lyrics of the Beatles Little Child song most likely came from John; this is because the song talks about a girl wanting to take a chance on a boy. This theme is prevalent in many of the John Lennon inspired Beatles compositions.

    John has described the song as an effort to write a song for another person. This is most likely to be Ringo as the Beatles liked to give him a song to sing on each of their albums, though at this stage in their career the Beatles were being pressured into writing songs for other artists by Brian Epstein. They did indeed write a few tracks for other Epstein managed artists at this time including Billy J Kramer, Cilla Black and The Fourmost.

    This is one of the few rhythm and blues songs to be recorded by the Beatles; the little child song starts with a harmonica by John, and is followed by a lead duet with Paul and John. Lennon’s harmonica playing on this track is very much inspired by Cyril Davies who was part of Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated in the early sixties. On the other hand Paul’s piano playing on the track was inspired by Nicky Hopkins. This gives little child a very rolling stones like feel.

    Beatles role in the making of Little Child

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar, Harmonica.

    Paul McCartney: Lead vocals, Bass guitar, Piano.

    George Harrison: Lead Guitar

    Ringo Starr: Drums

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