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Rubber Soul
  • Drive My Car
  • Norwegian Wood
  • You Won't See Me
  • Nowhere Man
  • Think For Yourself
  • The Word
  • Michelle
  • What Goes On
  • Girl
  • I'm Looking Through You
  • In My Life
  • Wait
  • If I Needed Someone
  • Run for your Life

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    Rubber Soul CD track listing

    Drive My Car; Norwegian Wood; You Won't See Me; Nowhere Man; Think For Yourself; The Word; Michelle.

    What Goes On; Girl; I'm Looking Through You; In My Life; Wait; If I Needed Someone; Run For Your Life.

    Rubber soul was the sixth Album by the Beatles, and the lyrics showed a greater depth in maturity than had previously been seen. The Beatles made a move away from the teenage pop market and started writing about songs other than Love, a more self-conscious sound. This album can very much be seen as a transitional album, between the two distinct lyrical periods of the Beatles, with hints of what to was come on tracks like Norwegian wood; with the use of the Sitar, and Nowhere Man; the first Beatles song that was not related to Love. Upon recording the album the Beatles realised that they could not perform the material in a live environment and at this time they decided to stop performing live gigs; from this point on until the Beatles infamous get back performance on the roof of Apple corps, the Beatles concentrated their efforts into making records.

    Musically many new sounds were tried out on this album, with Paul McCartney playing the fuzz guitar, George Martin mixing double speed piano tracks and George Harrison playing the guitar, but tuned to a western style. This is a very joyful album, and the feeling is that the Beatles very much enjoyed recording it; with ‘beep beeps’ and ‘tit tits’ in the backing tracks and humorous lyrics.

    Although there is an obvious maturation in the sound of the album, with some fantastic tracks, noticeable In my Life, Norwegian Wood and Girl, the album does suffer by having a couple of throw away tracks on it such as ‘wait’, that were from earlier times and used to get the album out in time for the Christmas market.

    The album was recorded over a four week period in the autumn of 1965

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