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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song Norwegian Wood (this bird has flown) came to be written.


    Norwegian wood (this bird has flown) tells the story of one of John Lennon’s affairs. Lennon and Cynthia had a very unhappy marriage at the later stages and John often cheated with his groupies. The lyrics to Norwegian wood show that the girl is in total control of the situation, and though John is cheating on his wife he tells it like it is the girl who is taking advantage of the situation; this is implemented by the line “no she had me”. The song refers to a relationship that John was having with a journalist at the time.

    One of the memorial bits of Norwegian wood (this bird has flown) is the introduction of the sitar to the Beatles repertoire. George had fallen in love with the instrument after being introduced to the instrument not in India but whilst filming help! in the Bahamas .

    George Harrison actually tuned the sitar to western chords to get the effect that he wanted for the Norwegian wood tune. John takes control of the lead vocals, in what is very much a personal song.

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