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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song You Won't See Me came to be written.

    During the making of Rubber Soul Paul McCartney was having a lot of problems with his girlfriend Jane Asher, who was determined to have her own career and not be known simply as the girlfriend of a Beatle.

    The lyrics of the Beatles you won’t see me song reflect this situation, Paul normally wrote very optimistically, and had never previously had problems getting what he wanted out of a relationship; but now the boot was on the other foot and it was him who was being rejected and his phone calls left unanswered. This led to him writing more biting love songs straight from the heart for the first time, a thing that Lennon had been doing for a long time.

    Paul takes lead vocals on you won’t see me and the Beatles are joined by Mal Evans, one of their roadies, on the Hammond organ.

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