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Yellow Submarine
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Only A Northern Song
  • All Together Now
  • Hey Bulldog
  • It's All Too Much
  • All You Need Is Love

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    Yellow Submarine CD track listing

    Yellow Submarine; Only A Northern Song; All Together Now; Hey Bulldog; It's All Too Much; All You Need Is Love.

    George Martin yellow submarine orchestral music.

    This is the soundtrack to the yellow submarine movie; the Beatles did not want to contribute new material to the project but were obliged to supply three previously unreleased tracks for the yellow submarine album. In the end they grudgingly provided four new tracks, two by George, and one each from john and Paul.

    The Beatles therefore put songs onto the Yellow Submarine CD that would not normally make the cut; these included Hey bulldog and Only a northern song, the Beatles considered these songs to be throwaway material.

    Originally these songs were going to be released as a single but it was decided to dump the new songs together with older material and George Martin’s incidental film score music to create the poor yellow submarine album. The stand out new track being John's Hello Bulldog.

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