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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles Only a Northern Song were written.


    Beatles Album: Yellow Submarine : Track 2

    Year: 1969

    Lyrics: Harrison

    Length: 3.23

    The Beatles Only a Northern Song was written by George Harrison. The Beatles had to provide three songs for the Yellow Submarine project and none of them were interested in doing them. In the end they provided four songs, two of which were George Harrison. The lyrics to Only a Northern Song reflect George's lack of interest in the project and his disdain to the Beatles publishers Northern Songs for making him write songs for the project.

    As it both John and Paul had large shares in Northern Publishing George's only a northern song are having a go at Paul and John as he felt that despite him writing the song that they would earn the money from it.

    Individual Beatles role on Only a Northern Song

    John Lennon: Piano, Various other instruments

    Paul McCartney: Bass guitar, Various other instruments

    George Harrison: Vocals, Organ, Various other instruments

    Ringo Starr: Drums, Various other instruments

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