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    Find out how the lyrics to the A day In The Life song by the Beatles were written.


    Beatles Album: Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band : Track 13

    Year: 1967

    Lyrics: Lennon, McCartney

    Length: 5.03

    The Beatles A day in the life song is the combination of two songs written separately, one by John Lennon and the other by Paul McCartney. It is considered by many people to be the best song that the Beatles ever wrote.

    John Lennon's original song was inspired by headlines from newspapers such as '4000 holes in Blackburn'; the newspaper article did not mention that this was enough to fill the Albert Hall; this was inspired by John's friend Terry Doran.

    Other parts of John's song mentioned the part he played in the film 'How I won the war' in which “the English army had just won the war”. The opening line of A day in the life refers to a “a lucky man who blew his mind out in a car” this line refers to the socialite Tara Browne who stood to inherit a million pounds but died in a car crash at the age of 21; though Tara didn't die in the way described in the a day in the life song.

    Paul McCartneys lyrical contribution to the a day in the life were of his typical bright style and told the story of getting up in the morning and heading off to school. The song makes up the interlude between the second and third verses of a day in the life.

    Due to references about smoking, dreams, drug references and being turned on in the lyrics the 'A day in the life' song was banned from being played on the radio in many countries. John Lennon has been quoted as saying that many of the lyrics to the Beatles a day in the life song were written to be provocative and many of the lyrics refer to smoking grass; it is interesting that many of the lyrics of sgt pepper songs are thought to be about drugs, especially Lucy in the sky with diamonds and fixing a hole, yet A day in the life is the only song that they freely admit references the subject.

    The introduction of a day in life is played by george and Paul on the piano with John doing the vocals. The middle section has paul on vocals. The british version of the song is closely followed by an eight second long tone of 20,000 Hz that only dogs can hear.

    Individual Beatles role on Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band

    John Lennon: Lead Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Piano.

    Paul McCartney: Lead vocals, Piano, Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Bongos, Piano

    Ringo Starr: Drums, Maraccas, piano

    George Martin: Harmonium

    others: 41 piece orchestra

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