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    Find out how the lyrics to the Within You, Without You song by the Beatles were written.


    Beatles Album: Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band : Track 8

    Year: 1967

    Lyrics: Harrison

    Length: 5.03

    Within you without you is one of George's songs, at the time he was getting into Indian philosophy; and he had previously shown his love for Indian instrumentation in songs such as Norwegian wood.

    The song describes his memories of a conversation that he had had about western individualism and how it is an illusion as we are really all one. As with other Sgt pepper songs the song was misinterpreted by many, the song is about Hindu philosophy but was seen by many as describing the feelings that one has when taking LSD. Though these may be true and the Beatles were experimenting with drugs the song is based upon many ancient texts.

    George composed the song at the home of the artist Klaus Voormann (the bass player for Manfred mann) who designed the cover of the Beatles Revolver album. At a party that Voormann was hosting George discovered a pedal harmonium that made a groaning sound, he wrote the much if the tune, harmonies and lyrics to within you without you that night. Indeed on top of the eastern philosophies much of the lyrics to the song were inspired by the conversations at the party, which were generally about flowing love and illusions.

    This record is strongly influenced by George's love of Indian instruments, he plays the tamboura and does vocals. No other Beatles feature on within you, without you.

    Individual Beatles role on Within you, Without you

    John Lennon: No part on this Beatles song

    Paul McCartney: No part on this Beatles song

    George Harrison: Vocals, tamboura

    Ringo Starr: No part on this Beatles song

    Others: Dilruba, Tamboura, Tabla, Sword Mandel, Violins, Cellos

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