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A Hard Days Night
  • A hard Days Night
  • I Should Have Known Better
  • If I Fell
  • Happy Just To Dance With you
  • And I Love Her
  • Tell me Why
  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • Any Time At All
  • I'll Cry Instead
  • Things We Said Today
  • When I Get Home
  • You Can't Do That
  • I'll be Back

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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song songs A Hard Days Night came about.


    Beatles Album: A Hard Days Night: Track 1

    Year: 1964

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 2.32

    The Beatles were required to write seven songs to be used in the hard day’s night film. The lyrics to the Beatles A hard days night song were the last ones written for the film and were inspired by Ringo star who came up with the phrase it’s been a hard days night after working all day and into the night, he cam out once he had finished and said it been a hard days…. looked around him them said night. As the phrase is mentioned in John’s book in his own write, the phrase by Ringo must have come before the filming in 1964 as the book was written in 1963.

    John writ the lyrics to a hard day’s night on the back of a birthday card for his son Julian. He showed the lyrics ‘but when I get home to you, I find my tiredness is through, and I feel alright’ to Maureen Cleave; but she said the line ‘I feel my tiredness is through’ to be weak, so John instantly crossed out the line and replaced it with ‘I find the things that you do’. John started humming a theme to the other Beatles, who got together in a huddle for three hours humming to themselves. This was long enough for the Beatles hard days night song to be developed.

    A hard days night has a very strong opening that is typical of the originality that the Beatles were beginning to show in this phrase of their careers, George Martin defined this album through to the Help Album as the second phrase of the Beatles career; they had clearly developed their lyrics and sound in comparison as compared to their initial two albums. . Once this opening chord as faded, Johns double tracked vocals can be heard, with Paul piping in for the odd lead vocal but mainly doing harmonics.

    Beatles role in the making of A hard day’s night

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar.

    Paul McCartney: Harmony vocals, Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Lead Guitar

    Ringo Starr: Drums

    George Martin: Piano

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