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A Hard Days Night
  • A hard Days Night
  • I Should Have Known Better
  • If I Fell
  • Happy Just To Dance With you
  • And I Love Her
  • Tell me Why
  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • Any Time At All
  • I'll Cry Instead
  • Things We Said Today
  • When I Get Home
  • You Can't Do That
  • I'll be Back

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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song songs Any Time At All came about.


    Beatles Album: A Hard Day’s Night: Track 8

    Year: 1964

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 2.10

    Like many of the songs on the Beatles hard day’s night album the lyrics to any time at all were written by John. He openly admits that the song was a reworking of it won’t be long, and any time at all makes use of the same C to A minor chord progression.

    The Beatles any time at all song has John on lead vocals and any time at all has George and Paul performing a guitar piano stand off as part of the instrumental break.

    Beatles role in the making of Any time at all

    John Lennon: Vocals, acoustic guitar.

    Paul McCartney: Bass guitar, Piano.

    George Harrison: Lead Guitar

    Ringo Starr: Drums

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