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    Find out how the lyrics to the She's Leaving Home song by the Beatles were written.


    Beatles Album: Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band : Track 6

    Year: 1967

    Lyrics: Lennon, McCartney

    Length: 3.24

    The lyrics to She's leaving home are based upon a newspaper article that Paul read in February of 1967 about a 17 year old teenage runaway called Melanie Coe 'the schoolgirl who seemed to have everything',. The article quoted from her father who couldn't understand why she ran away from home as his parents had given her everything that they thought she had ever wanted. As with many teenagers Melanie was going through a time when she was finding out about herself and wanted to be as free as possible. The article gave Paul a sense of lonliness, so he wanted to write a song in the same vein as Eleanor Rigby.

    Interesting Paul McCartney had previously met Melanie, the subject of She's leaving home previously on October the 4th 1963 has Melanie had won a competition on the ready steady go show and was presented with her award by Paul McCartney.

    The song She's leaving home describes a girl who is not enjoying her rigid home life and escapes to have some fun, it describes how parents are stifling her dreams, and trying to input their own dreams upon her. Still to this day many people try to leave home the first chance that they get to escape from the ideals of their parents and to lead their own lives. Paul McCartney couldn't of been much more accurate in his story about a young teenage runaway.

    A sings double tracked on she's leaving home with John adding little bits of lead vocals in places. None of the Beatles play instruments on this track.

    Individual Beatles role on She's Leaving Home

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, backing vocals

    Paul McCartney: Lead vocals, backing vocals .

    George Harrison: No part on this Beatles song

    Ringo Starr: No part on this Beatles song

    Others: Strings, Harp

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