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    Find out how the lyrics to Don't Pass Me By came to be written.


    Beatles Album: The Beatles AKA The White Album : Track 14

    Year: 1968

    Lyrics: Lennon, McCartney

    Length: 3.52

    The Don't pass me by lyrics were written by Ringo Starr, and were the first song that he wrote that was accepted for a Beatles album.

    Ringo had contributed to many songs prior to don't pass me by, but never been the sole author. Although it appeared on the 'white album' the song had been written many years beforehand, and it was only thought good enough to appear on double album in which the Beatles were carrying out much musical experimentation.

    Individual Beatles role on don't pass me by

    John Lennon: Acoustic guitar, Tambourine

    Paul McCartney: Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Violin

    Ringo Starr: Vocals, Drums, Piano

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