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Rubber Soul
  • Drive My Car
  • Norwegian Wood
  • You Won't See Me
  • Nowhere Man
  • Think For Yourself
  • The Word
  • Michelle
  • What Goes On
  • Girl
  • I'm Looking Through You
  • In My Life
  • Wait
  • If I Needed Someone
  • Run for your Life

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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song Wait came to be written.

    The lyrics to the Beatles wait were written by both Lennon and McCartney. It was very much a throwaway song; it had been recorded at the time of help! but didn’t make the album. It managed to get onto Rubber Soul as they were short of material. It is a basic love song about two people who would miss each other but needed to be patient as they would soon get back together again.

    Both John And Paul do the lead vocals on wait, the style of the music and the way it is performed are out of keeping with the rest of the rubber soul album and are much more fitting to the earlier help album.

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