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    Find out how the lyrics of love me do came to be written.


    Beatles Album: Please Please Me: Track 8

    Single: Love Me Do: Side A

    Year: 1962 Single/ 1963 Album

    Highest Chart position for Single: 17

    Lyrics: Lennon and McCartney

    Length: 2.19

    The Lyrics to the Beatles Love me do song were written by Paul and are very basic in their nature. Most of the words in the lyrics are only one syllable, love, me, do, you, know etc. and the word love is actually repeated twenty one times. Though there were many songs at the time with the simple message of “I love you, love me too” the song was different from most of the other songs at the time as it was set to a gospel blues style of play, with the use of John’s harmonica adding greatly to this effect, enabling the song to stand out and become the Beatles first hit.

    John was inspired to take up the harmonica after hearing the song hey baby by Bruce Channel, John Lennon met the harmonica player from this record, Delbert McClinton at a concert at new Brighton and got him to show him how to play it.

    The song was recorded on the 11 th of September 1962 and became the first Beatles release on the Parlophone label for EMI. It was one of the first songs that the Beatles wrote and is greatly inspired in style by Buddy Holly; it has a very similar guitar riff to “I’m gonna love you to” by the American singer.

    Paul McCartney has said that “Love me do was one of our greatest philosophical songs…for it is simple and true, making it incredibly simple”.

    Beatles Role on Love Me Do

    John Lennon: Lead vocals, harmonica.

    Paul McCartney: Lead vocals, Bass guitar.

    George Harrison: Harmony vocals, Acoustic guitar

    Ringo Starr: Tambourine (Drums on the single version)

    Andy White: Drums (On the Album version)

    There are two versions of Love me Do. One with Ringo on drums, and one with the session musician Andy White. This was because the Beatles producer George Martin had never heard Ringo play drums before. The Beatles insisted that the single version of Love Me Do have Ringo on the drums. They were displeased that Ringo was given a Tambourine to play on Love me do. The version with Andy White playing the drums was put on the please please me album.

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