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    Find out how the lyrics to the Beatles song And Your Bird Can Sing from the album Revolver were written.


    Though John Lennon wrote the lyrics to ‘and your bird can sing’ it was never one of his favourite Beatles tunes. He has described the song as a throwaway and as being a horror.

    The song was based on the same technique that Bob Dylan often employed in that he dressed them up as poetry, even though some of them were not. This song shows how much the Beatles had changed by the time of the Revolver album; earlier in their career they would have churned out a love song to fill up an album, but now could churn out stuff that would have the critics grasping for hidden meanings in the song.

    John Lennon performs lead vocals on and your bird can sing. The lead Guitar by George Harrison is bought forward in the mix, given the feeling that the guitar is not part of the backing but as important as the lyric.

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