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    Find out how the lyrics to Penny Lane by the Beatles came to be written.

    Year: 1967

    Lyrics: Lennon, McCartney

    Length: 3.00

    The Beatles had often tried to describe the neighbourhoods in which they grew up and of their love and feelings for them. One of the finest examples of this was in my life by John, but it was Paul who went on to describe Liverpool in detail in the Beatles Penny Lane song.

    Penny Lane is the area of Liverpool where the Beatles hung around when they were growing up; as with most people the Beatles remembered the area in which they grew up with great fondness.

    In the Penny Lane song Paul describes all the things that were going on around him when he was was growing up in the area, and most, though not all of it is based on fact. When the Beatles were growing up they had their hair cut on penny lane; there is a shelter in the middle of the roundabout, and a fire station close by, though not on penny lane itself.

    The references to fish and finger pie is a reference to the Beatles early sexual adventures in Penny lane, in Britain the term finger pie describes the action of putting ones hands down a girls panties and having a feel.

    Penny Lane was released as a double A side with Strawberry fields forever, John's nostalgic take on growing up in Liverpool.

    On the recording Paul takes control of the vocals and he is joined by George Martin and John Lennon on the piano.

    Individual Beatles role on Penny Lane

    John Lennon: Harmony vocals, Piano

    Paul McCartney: Lead Vocals, Bass guitar, Flute, Arco String Bass

    George Harrison: Conga Drum, Firebell

    Ringo Starr: Drums

    George Martin: Piano

    Others: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet

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