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    Find out how the lyrics to Here Comes The Sun from the Beatles Abbey Road album came to be written.

    Beatles Album: Abbey Road : Track 7

    Year: 1969

    Lyrics: Harrison

    Length: 3.40

    The second George Harrison song to appear on Abbey Road is here comes the sun. During the time of recording abbey road the Beatles were arguing heavily over business matters, with John and Paul both having different ideas of who should be their managers. Here comes the sun is George's description of the feelings when he managed to escape all the politics of these business meetings.

    George wrote the here comes the sun lyrics whilst escaping from it all over at Eric Clapton's house; the song was greatly inspired by the freedom that he felt by escaping from it all and the first rays of sun of the new spring were hitting his face. The Eric Clapton influence is clear on the here comes the sun song with the instrumental break section being borrowed from the cream song Badge (written by Harrison and Clapton).

    In addition to singing the song and playing lead guitar, George also plays synthesiser on this song, he gets backing vocals from Paul and John.

    Individual Beatles role on Here comes the sun

    John Lennon: Backing Vocals, Acoustic guitar

    Paul McCartney: Backing Vocals, Bass guitar

    George Harrison: Lead Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Synthesiser

    Ringo Starr: Drums

    Others: Strings

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